Collecting Antique Pewter, What to Look For and What to Avoid. 

By the Pewter Collectors' Club of America and the John Carl Thomas Memorial Book Committee.

Published Fall 2006

From the Dust Jacket:

This book was written and published by the Pewter Collectors? Club of America (PCCA) to help educate present and future collectors about the pleasures and pitfalls of collecting antique pewter.

While many books about pewter currently exist, the authors of this volume have turned their attention to an aspect of collecting pewter that is often overlooked:  ?Fakes, Forgeries and Reproductions?.  The PCCA?s study collection of fakes, forgeries and reproductions offers readers an in-depth review of this topic.

The late John Carl Thomas, to whom this book is dedicated, was an author, a dealer in antique pewter, past president of the PCCA and one of the foremost authorities on American pewter.  John was instrumental in the establishment of the club?s study collection.  His comments about this important collection form the basis for much of the descriptive text throughout this portion of the book.  The PCCA hopes that by studying the numerous pieces illustrated from that collection, collectors will be better able to identify and avoid items that are not true antiques.

The book begins with the positive side of collecting antique pewter. ?Collecting & Connoisseurship? highlights the different criteria used to evaluate and distinguish period pewter, and provides readers with the basic knowledge to become more discerning collectors.

This chapter is followed by the subject of  ?Construction & Fabrication?.  Here, the various methods, tools and materials used to manufacture pewter are discussed and illustrated.

Collecting antique pewter can be a very rewarding and highly educational experience.  The PCCA believes this volume will be an important tool for those wishing to learn more about this fascinating metal.

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